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How To Fill Out The Official Lowes Survey For A Chance At $500

If you have shopped at Lowes, you may have inadvertently thrown out $500! You do not want to miss a chance at completing the Official Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, which can be found at By offering Lowes your honest and unbiased feedback to your shopping experience they will reward you with an entry into their monthly sweepstakes.

Head Online To Take The Survey!

If you have ever had to make a home repair or improvement, you more than likely took a visit to your local Lowes home improvement shop. Each of these stores strives to be the best by providing their customers an opportunity to fill out a store survey complete with your personal feedback. They want to be able to provide you with the best service and product and these surveys help them to do that.

When you fill out a survey at, it is going to give them the information they need to improve and be the best they can. This online survey is going to allow Lowes to be the best that they can be and improve aspects of the store you did not think they excelled at. Once you have fully completed and submitted the Lowes survey, you will be entered into the opportunity for a Lowes Sweepstake Prize $500 Gift Card!

The Lowes Customer Satisfaction Survey which can be found online at allows consumers to answer several questions about their shopping experience and rate the store. You could consider this your opportunity to grade your home town store on their overall performance. The entire process of filing out the online survey is to offer a guide about your store experience and how satisfied you were. Lowes wants to understand how satisfied you were with the purchase, staff, cleanliness, and prices. All of these components help to maintain a good customer experience.

Additionally, never feel as though you have to be overly positive to increase your odds in getting that gift card. Lowes wants to know what your experience was, whether that was positive or negative. Once you have completed and submitted the survey, you will be entered into the survey, regardless of your answers.

As with so many store, Lowes customers are the life blood of their company. This is the primary reason they have offered an incredible sweepstakes reward upon the completion of one of their surveys. They understand that their customers are busy, which is why they are willing to reward you with an incentive to offer your candid feedback.

Understanding The Rules Of The Official Lowes Survey

  • One of the most essential aspects of this survey is going to be your receipt. So be sure to either hold onto the paper copy or request an email copy so you can fill out the survey.
  • Additionally, this survey is only available to residents of the United States.
  • You will need to be 18 years of age or older to participate in the survey.
  • Any employees, representatives, or family members may not participate in teh survey.
  • You will need to have an internet connection and device that is capable of connecting to the internet.
  • You will need to be able to understand either English or Spanish.
  • It is also important to remember that you only have a limited amount of time from your purchase to fill out the survey.
  • You are required to enter a valid phone number and email dress to claim your offer.
  • All awards are non-transferable and must be recognized as being given.
  • You may enter a survey on a monthly basis.

How To Easily Complete The Lowes Survey At

There are some easy steps you will need to follow to complete the Official Lowes survey for your chance at $500 on

Visit Lowes Survey Official Website

  • We obviously will not get too far until we visit the official page of the Lowes survey which can be found at

Select Your Preferred Language

  • Once you begin the survey on, you will be greeted with a screen that asks you to choose your preferred language.
  • Either choose English or Spanish and click next to continue the survey.

Enter Your Personal Lowes Survey Code

  • You will need your receipt for this next step. Once you have it in hand, find the 18 digit code and enter it on the space online. Be sure you have entered it correctly or you will not be able to continue.

Complete The Survey

  • You have made it to the juicy part! In this section you will be able to invaluable feedback to Lowes in regard to their prices, store cleanliness, employee knowledge and courtesy, etc. Take your time in this section and be sure to leave truthful feedback in regard to your last store visit.

Enter In Your Information

  • You have made it to the finish line! You more than likely are feeling pretty good by leaving your feedback and knowing it change the direction of your home store! All you have to do is enter in your contact information, so you can be notified if you win!
  • You are done! You can close out the web page and dream of winning big by helping Lowes with their official survey found at